Ronald Marshall, current owner, Star Barber Shop
2530 South Shirlington Road, Arlington, VA
Interview conducted by Charles Egli on March 11, 2017

Business Summary:
A previous employee of Majestic Barber Shop, Galvester Crawley established Star Barber Shop around 1956. The business was purchased in about 1987 by current owner Ronald Marshall, who began working at the shop as a barber in 1965. Ronald can still be found cutting hair alongside Star Barber Shop’s next generation of barbers, whose “fresh ideas” he welcomes as complementary to the business’ traditions. Visitors to the shop are in for more than just a haircut as there are always lively conversations underway among the barbers and customers on a limitless range of topics.

Interview Summary:
Ronald Marshall is the present owner of Star Barber Shop, where he began working as a barber in 1965 under then-owner Galvester Crawley. When Galvester passed away in 1987, Ronald bought the business from the Crawley family (though he states 1984 in the interview, it is likely the purchase occurred in 1987). Though some things have changed about the business since he began working there, Ronald takes pride in his shop’s respect for tradition and the care and quality of service it continues to provide to its customers. He also values the “fresh ideas” his son Carl, a part-­‐time barber at the shop, and another young barber bring to the business, such as setting up a Facebook account to advertise and attract customers. Ronald is originally from Fairfax County and has never actually lived in Nauck/Green Valley, but in addition to operating one of its most longstanding businesses he has also hosted equestrian programs with the community’s youth, horses being a passion of his since childhood.

Ronald Marshall - old foundations - Ronald Marshall
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"Old foundation, that's me, I've been here longer, I have older customers, I'm fifth generation. Fresh ideas? My son."

Ronald Marshall, owner

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Brenda Barbee and Francis Crawley, children of original owner, Star Barber Shop
2530 South Shirlington Road, Arlington, VA
Interview conducted by Charles Egli on March 7, 2017

Interview Summary:
Brenda Barbee (née Crawley) and Francis (Wayne) Crawley are two children of Galvester Crawley, the original owner of Star Barber Shop. Because the business catered primarily to men, Brenda didn’t have many experiences with the shop during her childhood. In 1986 or 1987, she began helping her father with the shop’s bookkeeping as he had become ill (he passed away in 1987). Wayne worked at the shop as an apprentice barber, though he eventually decided he wasn’t interested in making a career of the profession. Brenda and Wayne described the foundations of the shop, its clientele, its status as an informal community meeting place for men, their family’s decision to sell the shop to Ronald Marshall (the current owner), and their memories of growing up in Arlington and the Nauck/Green Valley area, among other topics.

Barber Shop Talk - Brenda Barbee interview
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Green Valley Community - Brenda Barbee interview
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    Ronald Marshall, business owner
    Brenda Barbee and Francis (Wayne) Crawley
Photo credits: (left to right)

1) Logo image, by the business; 2) Letter of thanks for military service, signed by President Truman 3) Barber helping a customer, by the business; 4) Logo image, by the business; 5) Haircut example, by the business; 6) Ronald Marshall in front of business, photographed by Virginia Tech students; 7) Brenda Barbee and Francis (Wayne) Crawley, by Virginia Tech students

Ronald Marshall - taking care of the public - Ronald Marshall
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"Star Barber Shop for 50 years has been taking care of the public, and it's been taking care of me too." Ronald Marshall, owner

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Full Interview on Arlington’s WERA 96.7 

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