Darryl Collins, Owner, Friendly Cab

(Grandson of founder Ralph Collins)
3022 22nd Street South, Arlington, VA
Interview conducted by Pete Winslow, March 17, 2017

​Business Summary:
Founded in 1947 by Ralph Collins during segregation to provide service to black customers, Friendly Cab has been a staple of the Nauck neighborhood in Arlington. Ralph Collins was an active community member and innovator. Friendly Cab had specific goals like providing transportation for those who could not give birth in Arlington. His business has remained successful and in operation ever since. The company has been passed on to his grandson Darryl Collins. The business is well known in the DC area, especially because of its important history.

Interview Summary:
The conversation touches on the Nauck neighborhood and the changes it has gone through in the last century. It also talks about being a small business owner (specifically an African American business) and the challenges and things to consider looking toward the future. Darryl was joined by his sister Vicky.

Additional Sources:
Jackson, Phillip. July 2014, Meeting the Community’s Needs: Arlington Friendly Cab Company. Boundary Stones.

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Word of Mouth - Darryl Collins interview
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“Friendly Cab relies on word of mouth and community to survive." Darryl Collins, owner

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    Charles Collins, courtesy Phillips Jackson
Photo credits: (left to right)

1) Business exterior, Bing Maps street view; 2) Business location, Bing Maps aerial view; 3) Business location, Google Maps; 4) Car detail, Bing Maps street view; 5) Business exterior, Google Maps street view; 6) Charles Collins, courtesy Phillips Jackson (see link above)

Full Interview on Arlington’s WERA 96.7 

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